Yoga mats review.

Our yoga mats keep us rooted, connected and protected. As a teacher I am often asked to recommend a good mat. So I’ve put together a few points for consideration and a list of different brands I would suggest checking out.
With a multitude of mats to choose from and a variety dimensions it can be difficult to decide which is the right mat for you. When you are finding your feet in the beginning, the Warrior Mat is a good starting mat, standard length and width, light to carry and economically priced. It is made of PVC so not the most eco friendly, but it is free from acid dies and toxic chemicals.
Once you have established a regular practice you will soon find out your personal preferences and requirements. These range from length, width, grip, cushioning, weight (if you cycle to class) and if you are eco-conscious, the material used to produce it.
All the mats below are eco friendly and  a little more expensive than a standard studio mat, so put your Christmas or birthday requests in soon!
Eco Yoga Jute Mat is a popular mat that comes in two sizes. It’s a little wider than average, with standard 4mm thickness, a little on the heavy side. Very eco friendly, made from rubber, does contain latex. Some mats have been known to shed rubber though manufacturers claim they have improved on this.
Encore (Jade) A little more cushioning with this mat (5mm), it is a little shorter than standard at 172cm, but also offers a longer length at 188cm, standard weight and width. Made from recycled rubber, so very eco friendly. This mat may be difficult to source in the UK, but can be ordered from overseas.
Harmony (Jade) is a little heavier at over 2000g, standard width and again a little shorter than standard on the length at 172cm. It’s also worth checking out the travel mat from Jade. A tree is planted for every jade mat sold.
Prana Eco Yoga Mat also has  more cushioning with a 5mm thickness, and is a little lighter than standard. Made of closed cell TPE and designed to decompose in landfills.
Tree Mat (Yoga mad) standard length, thickness and width. Ecologically sound and made of rubber so a good
Manduka Black mat pro. This is a heavy mat at over 3000g with very good grip.  Made of durable cotton canvas. It comes in two lengths standard size at 180cm , or longer length at 215cm. Also comes with a recycling bag so that it can be sent back to the USA and not end up in a landfill.
You can find plenty of yoga mats on amazon and some of the above Manduka, Tree mat, Warrior mat, Prana Eco
Check out this site for some really pretty yoga mats with beautiful designs
For a wide range of sizes mainly PVC mats, also check out
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  1. Virginie Roell says:

    Really useful review as I’ve always found the choice of mats around to be very confusing! Thanks!

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