Getting back to a postnatal self-practice.

Yoga is a great healer when your feeling depleted of energy or stressed, but I think it is important in terms of postnatal recovery to try not to set any rigid goals in these first few weeks. Learning to see space in your day for maybe just 5 mins is a good first step. A few deep breaths, a downward dog stretch, pelvic floor exercises or just a savasana and you’ll feel a sense of ease. It may be the strangest time of day that you find that space, in the middle of the night, the early hours of the morning, or a quiet moment in the bath. When you see it grab it and go with your instinct in terms of what  your body needs.  It’s amazing how much tension can build up in those early days with frequent feeding sessions and anxieties here and there about the baby, plus the obvious sleep disturbance day in day out. Savasana can be a real saviour allowing 5/10mins for your body to totally relax. From my own experience during my first savasana about a month after the birth it took me a really long time to let go. It was the tiny muscles deep within that I  had to mentally connect with and say it’s OK you can release now. In my need and desire to nourish and protect my baby, I  had been living in a state of alert and hadn’t really switched off from that. For me yoga is a saviour, a pose like savasana is a magic re-set button that softens the body inside and out. I always come away a feeling lighter and often more energized. With a baby in the house there is no longer the luxury of choosing a time for yoga practice and seeing that space in the day is like looking for the right wave to catch, when you see it jump up and grab it. It’s the only way to get a self practice going again as there is all the more reason to make excuses not to now you have a 24 hour job. First see the space, then be the space, it can make a world of difference to your day.
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