Postnatal Yoga guidelines


 Make sure you’ve been given the OK to exercise from your doc at your six week check.

Get yourself set up with plenty of props, cushions, blankets and blocks.

If you can breastfeed before class

Go easy on wide legs poses or deep stretches, your pelvis could still be unstable and relaxin may still be present if you are breastfeeding.

NO abdominal crunches, boat pose, double leg drops. Instead core exercises to strengthen your transverse abdominis  (ask your teacher to check you for any diastasis recti).

Go easy on plank pose in the early days and wait til you are feeling more stable in your core.

Go easy on back bends, the muscles have been stretched deeply during pregnancy and need time to shorten again. Avoid any deep backbends if you have diastasis recti.

Go easy on deep twists, especially with a wide diastasis

Pelvic floor exercises don’t have to be done as a stand alone exercise, bring them into your practice as you move, lifting pelvic floor on the exhale.

No jumping until you feel way more stable in your pelvic floor.

When your teacher checks in with you at the beginning of class do let her know if you are suffering from any of the following: sacro iliac pain/stiff neck/shoulders/sciatica/anaemia/piles/depression/exhaustion/prolapse/backpains/joint pains/high blood pressure/prolonged bleeding/mastitis/anxiety/diastasis recti.

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