Postnatal ab exercises for mums

With these progression of core exercises it’s really important to go through each stage before moving on to the following exercise

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3 Responses to Postnatal ab exercises for mums

  1. Abbey says:

    Dear Yogaclara,
    Thanks for your thoughts, I had a baby 17 weeks ago and ever since I haven’t felt myself – as i’m sure most new mums can appreciate this, between the nappy changes and disturbed sleep it’s i’m lucky if I have the energy to even tie my hair back, let alone put a bit of make-up on!

    So I decided to get my **** in gear and go on a low cal diet to lose the baby weight, do more exercise and book an appointment to have my hair cut and have my nails done.

    I also want to get a bit of a tan, everyone feels better when they have a bit of a tan, so here’s the question – do I use a sunbed or use fake tan? can anyone recommend a brand of fake tan that is easy to apply without patches/streaks?


  2. Abbey says:

    Hello Yogaclara,
    Very interesting, My mum keep joking about me being unhappy all the time but I don’t really think it funny, it makes me worse.

    I have had postnatal depression – fairly mild, sometimes moderate OCD but never lie in bed can’t function depression.

    I realy don’t want to take drugs but I wan to shake this off. I do eat well and exercise which is may be why it never got so bad…

  3. yogaclara says:

    Hope you feel better. I think for me the most important thing to remember during the early months of motherhood was that finding it tough is normal. It’s an incredibly intense time so go easy and don’t push yourself too much. If you have a mum around to give you some time off then doing something for just you is really important. I’m not sure if it’s your first, but it will get easier when you get more sleep. Enjoy those precious early days with you and your baby x

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