Autumn cleanse, what are you letting in?


A shift in the seasons often prompts us to make health changes to our lives, set goals, give up things we consider to be bad and maybe do a cleanse. Marjorie Nass’s holistic approach to a cleanse, which she talks about in her free download promoting her Rest and Renew Cleanse for Fall, is inspiring. It was the question “what are you letting in?” that got me listening today.  Anything that takes the focus away from what am I giving up? which often gives power to all those things you are trying to abstain from is refreshing. It’s a bit like when we practice yoga from a place where we take the focus away from how we want yoga to help us change, to thinking more about reconnecting to what is already there and re-charging that connection.

Recently we’ve been letting a bit more green into the fridge and it feels like the alkaline/acid balance is noticeably changing energy levels.  Opposing forces are the nature of the universe, and although good vs. bad food temptations seem fairly obvious to notice, what does eating well actually mean if we consider how we eat, the time we give to it, the gratitude for having it, and the environment we eat in. In that sense feeding ourselves well takes on a deeper meaning.  In the same way by looking at a cleanse holistically we may also consider what books we are reading, conversations we are having, people we are spending time with and thoughts we are having. For every negative thought we have about ourselves if we can connect to something positive instead then perhaps the impact won’t just be seasonal, but more permanent. For now, I’m off to get more blackberries. What are you letting in?

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