Seasonal Seville Marmalade and a whole lot of goodness in a jar.


Making marmalade (my first attempt) isn’t a quick process, but I did get a little kick out of filling five jars over the weekend. I may not have enough to supply the whole family, but luckily my experienced maramalader sister-in-law has got that sorted for me.  Whilst waiting for ages for the mix of juice, peel and sugar to boil to settling point, I found out that these bitter oranges originally came from India and were brought to Europe by Arabs. The Sanskrit word for orange tree is Naranga and the Dravidian word Narayam, meaning “perfume within.”  As the citrus smells filled the house and I prepared my jars, I remembered another jar I’d been meaning to make for about a week or so. Inspired by yoga teacher Louise Gillespie-Smith’s post (who if you read her post, was inspired by another yoga teacher too!)  I made a gratitude & positive affirmation jar, putting a few goodies in already and more to follow. I love the idea that I can open the jar and reach for some positivity in times of negativity and definitely chose this over a journal that can so easily lie stashed somewhere gathering dust.

This seasonal recipe may take a little longer than the last and contains a fair bit of sugar so not entirely healthy, but it tastes delicious and you only need a little to give your morning toast a zing. The gratitude & positive affirmation jar is quick, free and packed with a whole lot of goodness. Do pass it on as it seems there is a chain going and please post if you do 🙂

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