About classes

Photo by Melly Enright

Vinyasa Flow

Claire teaches flowing sequences that synchronise breath with movement (vinyasa). The aim is for students to feel positively challenged, energized and free from tension, creating space both in body and mind.

Inspired by the rhythms of nature and the effect of the world around us, seasonal changes, the time of day and with a sensitivity to our own body type and it’s pre-dispositions, Claire draws on the principals of Ayurveda (sister science to yoga) to structure sequences.

The beauty of  vinyasa is it’s variety and fluidity, each pose informing the next with a smooth transition and at the same time adhering to the alignment of the poses. Classes are light hearted and playful interlacing themes from every day life and reminding us to stay connected to the still space inside.

Open to all levels, variations of the postures will be given making classes safe and accessible for everyone.

Parent & Toddler Yoga is a chance for parents and children to share the experience of yoga together. Using props and seasonal themes to inspire, we will learn to move in different ways, try out some hand gestures, sing songs, play, breathe and relax.

Theses classes are child centred and include simple yoga postures so adults can get a stretch in too. There will be a rice cake snack for the children while parents or carers take time for relaxation.

This is a safe space for the whole family and sturdy crawlers are welcome.

Mum & Baby yoga

These classes are integrated with mum and baby. We will move through a series of postures for mum to strengthen and release tension postnatally stimulating the babies with sound and movements so they are included. We will also incorporate specific moves for the babies to encourage  physical development, wind relief and general play and fun. Classes are very flexible, you can stop and feed when you want, arrive with a sleeping baby, lie and rest or join in with the whole class.